2000 uah/month
  • Up to 5 conversions per day
  • From 3 external links
  • From 20 optimized pages


3000 uah/month
  • Up to 5 conversions per day
  • From 4 external links
  • From 30 optimized pages


4000 uah/month
  • Up to 10 conversions per day
  • From 5 external links
  • From 30 optimized pages


5500 uah/month
  • Up to 15 conversions per day
  • From 7 external links
  • From 40 optimized pages


6500 uah/month
  • Up to 25 conversions per day
  • From 10 external links
  • From 60 optimized pages

Our services

Website promotion

We perform a full cycle of website promotion, internal optimization, external optimization, work with a friendliness for search engines.

Contextual advertising

A very important point for maximizing the speedy attraction of cli- ents is contextual advertising in the search engines.

WEB Analytics

To know exactly what problems the site has, you need to regularly analyze all its parameters, only so you will know what to look for.

Group Management

To be as close to the client as possible, the services often have groups in social networks, we promote and manage groups so that useful and interesting materials appear regularly.

why us?

Many years of experience

Many years of experience

cohesive team

cohesive team

We are implementing new technologies

We are implementing new technologies

used portfolio

used portfolio

How we are working?

In view of the fact that the promotion of the site in general – is the purchase of external links and contextual advertising, the promotion of sites we perform on a prepayment. Before payment, we will tell you in detail where your money will go, so that there is no doubt that they will go away. After completing the work, you will receive a full report on the work done.

Promotion of sites in Kiev is carried out according to all the modern requirements of search engines, and it fully guarantees the high quality and reliability of services, thanks to the correct approach to the promotion of your site, you can be sure that after the promotion you will raise your seats.

Promotion of the site in Kiev is very important, because in this way you significantly increase the competitiveness of the business, and thus increase the number of customers

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